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Bruce Rauner, Governor
Bruce Rauner, Governor

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Commission Review Board
Self-Insurers Advisory Board
Workers' Compensation Advisory Board
Workers’ Compensation Commission
Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Advisory Board

All meetings are public meetings, in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.  There is no need to register if you wish to attend.

Once a meeting notice/agenda has been issued, the date below will appear as an active link to the document.  Once minutes have been approved, a link will be posted next to the meeting date.  Minutes will remain on this web page for two years. 

Please click on meeting date for notice.


Commission Review Board

UPCOMING MEETINGS: September 29, 2017; December 6, 2017

PREVIOUS MEETINGS: January 25, 2012 (minutes); April 25, 2012 (minutes); July 31, 2012 (minutes); October 24, 2012 (minutes); January 23, 2013 (minutes); October 16, 2013 (minutes); January 28, 2014 ; (minutes); March 18, 2014 (minutes); April 15, 2014 (minutes); July 17, 2014 (minutes); October 16, 2014 (minutes); March 13, 2015 (cancelled); April 7, 2015 (minutes); June 12, 2015 (Cancelled); September 10, 2015 (Cancelled); October 1, 2015 (minutes); December 11, 2015 (Cancelled); March 7, 2016 (minutes); June 7, 2016 (minutes); September 15, 2016 (minutes); December 15, 2016 (minutes); March 23, 2017 MEETING CANCELLED; June 30, 2017;

CRB Members
Joann M Fratianni, Chairman
Serves per statute
Arbitrator Maureen Pulia
Elected Downstate arbitrator representative
Commissioner Kevin Lamborn
Senior business commissioner
Serves per statute
Arbitrator George Andros
Elected Chicago arbitrator representative
Commissioner David Gore
Senior labor commissioner
Serves per statute
Velisha Haddox
Appointed by governor
Robert Hanaford   
Robert H. Hanaford, Ltd.
Appointed by governor

Statutory reference: 820 ILCS 305/14.1.  See also Part 7500 of the Rules.

Function: The board investigates complaints regarding misconduct made against arbitrators and commissioners of the Commission. The board investigates allegations of misconduct, but it has no authority to review or change arbitration or Commission decisions.

Members: There are seven members on the board. The chairman of the Commission is the chairman of this board. The senior labor and management commissioner each serve on the board.  Arbitrators elect one Chicago and one Downstate arbitrator. The chairman certifies the election of the arbitrators. Two members who are not commissioners, arbitrators, or Commission employees are selected by the governor. Members receive no compensation for their services, but are reimbursed for their expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

Terms: Members serve two-year terms beginning March 1 of an odd-numbered year until March 1 of the next odd-numbered year, or until their successors are named. Vacancies shall be filled in the manner in which the positions are normally filled.

Procedures: The chairman shall compile, audit, and retain complaints. The chairman shall advise the commissioner or arbitrator of any complaints filed against him or her, while preserving the identity of the complainant.

The board may determine the complaint is without merit, or it may hold a hearing at which the complainant may testify. The board shall notify the commissioner or arbitrator in writing of any remedial action deemed necessary, and give the commissioner or arbitrator an opportunity to respond. If the problem is sufficiently serious, the board may recommend the governor dismiss an arbitrator or not reappoint a commissioner. Five members of the board must vote to recommend to dismiss an arbitrator or not reappoint a commissioner.

IWCC contact person: Joann Fratianni, Chairman C/O Annette Roti


Self-Insurers Advisory Board

UPCOMING MEETINGS: September 20, 2017; December 13, 2017

PREVIOUS MEETINGS:  March 21, 2012 (minutes); June 20, 2012 (minutes); September 19, 2012 (minutes); December 5, 2012 (minutes); April 15, 2013 (minutes); June 19, 2013 (minutes); September 18, 2013 (minutes); January 23, 2014 (minutes); April 1, 2014 (minutes); June 3, 2014 (minutes); September 10, 2014 (minutes); December 10, 2014 (minutes); March 11, 2015 (cancelled), April 1, 2015 (minutes); June 10, 2015 Cancelled; July 15, 2015 (minutes); September 9, 2015 (minutes); December 9, 2015 (minutes); March 9, 2016 (minutes); June 8, 2016 (minutes); September 21, 2016 (minutes); December 14, 2016 (minutes); March 15, 2017 (minutes); June 14, 2017;

SIAB Members
Joann M Fratianni, Chairman
Serves per statute
Alex G. Alexandrou
City of Aurora
Gerald F. Cooper, Jr.
Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson and Feary
Paul T. Bergmann
Property-Casualty Insurance Consulting
John Rittenhouse
David Taylor 
Charter Communications
Joan Vincenz 
United Airlines

Statutory reference: 820 ILCS 305/4a-1-4

Function: The board reviews applications from private companies for the self-insurance privilege and makes recommendations to the chairman of the Commission. The board also ensures the continued payment of benefits to workers of bankrupt self-insurers.

Members: The chairman of the Commission chairs the ISIAB and appoints six other members who are experts in workers' compensation self-insurance. One of the six members shall represent the general public. Four members constitute a quorum; four affirmative votes are needed for any action taken by the board.

Terms: Members serve a four-year term, or until they are reappointed or their successors are named. The chairman shall fill a vacancy within 30 days for the remainder of the unexpired term.

IWCC contact person: Maria Sarli-Dehlin, Manager of Self-Insurance


Workers' Compensation Advisory Board

UPCOMING MEETINGS:  September 12, 2017 MEETING CANCELLED; December 5, 2017

PREVIOUS MEETINGS: January 20, 2012 (minutes); January 25, 2012 (minutes); April 23, 2012 (minutes); July 25, 2012 (minutes); July 31, 2012 (minutes); August 1, 2012 (minutes); October 24, 2012 (minutes); January 23, 2013 (minutes); April 26, 2013 (minutes); June 27, 2013 (minutes); July 16, 2013 (minutes);  August 1, 2013 (minutes); October 16, 2013 (minutes); December 16, 2013 (minutes); January 23, 2014 (minutes); May 15, 2014 cancelled--no quorum; June 16, 2014 (minutes); July 17, 2014 (minutes not yet approved); August 21, 2014 (minutes); November 18, 2014 CANCELLED for lack of quorum; March 9, 2015 (cancelled) ; December 19, 2014 (minutes); June 8, 2015 (cancelled); June 4, 2015 (minutes); June 12, 2015 (minutes); June 30, 2015 (minutes); September 14, 2015 (minutes); December 7, 2015 (minutes): March 8, 2016 CANCELLED for lack of quorum; June 14, 2016 (cancelled); July 18, 2016 (minutes); August 8, 2016 CANCELLED for lack of quorum; September 13, 2016 CANCELLED for lack of quorum; December 13, 2016 (minutes); January 9, 2017 (minutes); June 28, 2017 (minutes); July 10, 2017 (Specially Set Meeting);

WCAB Members
Employee representatives
Richard Aleksy
Michael Carrigan
Illinois AFL-CIO
Joseph Coli
Illinois Advocates, LLC
Aaron Anderson
Painters Dist. Council #30
Philip Gruber
Internat'l Assoc. of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
Sean Stott
Laborers' International Union
Employer representatives

Mark Grant
National Federation of Independent Business

Mark Denzler
Illinois Manufacturers' Assoc.

Robert Karr
Illinois Retail Merchants Association

Mark Flannery
Corporate Counsel at Caterpillar Inc
Todd Maisch
Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Jay Dee Shattuck
Shattuck & Associates

Statutory reference:  820 ILCS 305/13.1.  See also Section 7030.100 of the Rules.   

Function: The board assists the IWCC in formulating policies, setting priorities, and developing administrative goals. The board makes recommendations to the governor regarding Commission appointments. It also gives the IWCC chairman a list of arbitrators who will conduct voluntary arbitration upon request.

Members: On July 20, 2011, Governor Quinn appointed new members to the WCAB, as directed by HB1698. The board consists of 12 members appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.  Six members represent employees, and six represent employers. The IWCC chairman is the chairman of the board. Seven members constitute a quorum.

Terms: Members serve four-year terms. Members serve until they are reappointed or their successors are named. If a vacancy occurs, the governor shall fill the slot for the rest of the term.

IWCC contact person: Annette Roti, Chairman's Assistant

Workers’ Compensation Commission

UPCOMING MEETINGSSeptember 25, 2017; December 7, 2017

PREVIOUS MEETINGS:  January 27, 2012 (minutes); March 27, 2012 (minutes); May 23, 2012 en banc hearing (no minutes taken); May 23, 2012 (minutes); June 12, 2012 (minutes); July 24, 2012 (minutes); September 25, 2012 (minutes); January 22, 2013 (minutes); March 22, 2013 (minutes); May 17, 2013 (minutes); July 23, 2013 (minutes); September 24, 2013 (minutes); November 26, 2013 (minutes); January 21, 2014 (minutes); April 16, 2014 (minutes); May 22, 2014 (minutes); July 16, 2014 (minutes); October 15, 2014 (minutes); March 12, 2015 (cancelled) ; March 31, 2015 (minutes); June 11, 2015 (Cancelled); September 9, 2015 (Cancelled); September 29, 2015 (minutes); December 10, 2015 (Cancelled) ; March 4, 2016 (cancelled); June 10, 2016 (minutes); September 12, 2016 (minutes); October 19, 2016 (Specially set meeting) (minutes); December 1, 2016 MEETING CANCELLED; March 22, 2017 MEETING CANCELLED; June 15, 2017;

Joann M Fratianni, Chairman
Commissioners by panel:
Panel A
Panel B
Panel C
Employee representatives:
Thomas Tyrrell Charles DeVriendt David Gore

Public representatives:

Michael Brennan Joshua Luskin Stephen Mathis
Employer representatives: Kevin Lamborn L. Elizabeth Coppoletti Deborah Simpson

Statutory reference: 820 ILCS 305/13

Function: The Commission administers the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act.

Members: Commissioners are appointed by the governor to a four-year term with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Terms: Commissioners serve until they are reappointed or their successors are named.

IWCC contact person: Annette Roti, Chairman's Assistant


Workers' Compensation Medical Fee Advisory Board

UPCOMING MEETINGS: September 11, 2017 MEETING CANCELLED; December 4, 2017

PREVIOUS MEETINGS: March 13, 2012 (minutes); June 20, 2012 (minutes); July 24, 2012 (minutes); September 19, 2012 (minutes); December 5, 2012 (minutes); March 13, 2013 (minutes); June 20, 2013 (minutes); September 18, 2013 (minutes); December 18, 2013  (minutes); April 18, 2014 (minutes); June 6, 2014 (minutes); July 25, 2014 (minutes); October 15, 2014 cancelled for lack of quorum; November 12, 2014 (minutes); December 11, 2014 (minutes); March 10, 2015 (cancelled); March 30, 2015 (cancelled) ; April 10, 2015 (minutes); June 9, 2015 (Cancelled); September 3, 2015 (minutes); December 8, 2015 (minutes); March 11, 2016 (Meeting Cancelled); June 13, 2016 (minutes); September 12, 2016 (minutes); December 12, 2016 (minutes); March 20, 2017 (minutes); June 12, 2017;

Statutory reference:  820 ILCS 305/8.3

WCMFAB Members
Employee representatives
Employer representatives
Medical provider representatives
Jason Keller
Illinois AFL-CIO
Diana Alvarez
David Fletcher, MD
Safeworks Illinois

Dianne McGuire
College of DuPage

Barb Molloy
Molloy Consulting

Adam Low
Atheltico Physical Therapy

David Menchetti
Cullen, Haskins, Nicholson & Menchetti

Dan Ugaste
Nyhan, Bambrick, Kinzie & Lowry

Preston Wolin, MD
Clinic for Athletic Medicine Ltd.

Function: The board advises the IWCC on the establishment of fees for medical services and the accessibility of medical treatment.

Members: The board consists of nine members appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate.  Three members represent employees, three represent employers, and three represent medical providers.

Terms: Members serve four-year terms. Members serve until they are reappointed or their successors are named. If a vacancy occurs, the governor shall fill the slot for the rest of the term.

IWCC contact person: Annette.Roti


See the Appointments web page for more information about State boards and commissions.



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